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Easy stadium

Connect the services of your venue with the public through
the sound, without the need of internet or Bluetooth


Engage your public with our sound engine.
Either check-in people for VIP areas, distribute and validate tickets or vouchers, create polls, trivias, voting, and more, any speaker can replace all the hardware, totems, QR codes, for a wide range of actions.


Distribute and validate offline


Get or validate without internet


Vote with the sound

Seat finder

With our ultrasound emitters and 3D floormaps, people can find their way to their seats or other areas of the stadium without wifi or Bluetooth


Open the app

When the users open the app, the sound detection engine is activated and will seek the user location within the venue



The app will use the microphone to find the location of the user



The location of the user will be displayed in the 3D map on the app


Your place

The app will show you directions to your seat or to find the other  services in the venue



Pay with the sound
In the cases when connectivity is an issue, you can also create your own wallet for payments.
This peer to peer transactions do not require that the users are connected to the internet: they
will get the bill to pay offline per analog data transmitted through the merchant’s device as a
sound signal to the customer’s phone. The customer places his/her phone near the merchant’s
device to receive the bill and decrypts the data to make the bill readable in order to make the
payment through a wallet, debit or credit card.

How do ultrasonic payments work?

In this case, the mechant is using a tablet or a terminal to collect a payment from the user.


Send offline

When the User phone is disconnected, we send the amount from the Merchant tablet to the smartphone by ultrasound. 


User gets the amount

The payment app in the User smartphone displays the amount


User agrees

The customer agrees to pay and the app generates locally a validation code by ultrasound


Merchant gets confirmation

The Merchant tablet receives the User validation and authenticate the payment online.


Payment confirmed

The payment is confirmed


Merchant sends a receipt

The Merchant tablet sends a message by ultrasound to the User smartphone to give a feedback/receipt that the payment was successful to the User’s app.


monetize your videos

SoundTags are inaudible audio signals that we embed in the sound of content of TV/radio shows, publicity spots, music, soundtracks, sport, retail, events, etc.
We can decode the SoundTags when we "listen" with our detection app Shome@. The app will scan for the signals located in the sound, and once detected will decode an action.

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